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Hainan’s Sanya City approved new classification for use of marine areas

The classification is expected to improve the environment and curb the negative impact that some maritime industries may have

HAIKOU /China/, May 29. /TASS/. The Sanya city administration on the southern coast of Hainan Island has approved a new classification of the adjacent marine areas for their more efficient economic use. This was reported by the Hainan Daily newspaper.

According to the newspaper, now the part of the water area of the South China Sea, which territorially falls under the jurisdiction of Sanya, will belong to one of the following categories: tourism, fishing, transport and logistics, industry, special purpose or reserve. Based on this classification, appropriate zones will be established, each of which will be controlled in accordance with special parameters.

This division is supposed to improve the ecology and curb the negative impact that some sectors of the maritime economy may have on others. For example, the islands and coasts intended for tourism will be protected from pollution caused by agrarian enterprises or natural resource extraction companies, thanks to clear regulations.

Sectoral development in this or that coastal zone will be carried out according to its functional suitability for the development of tourism, industry, agriculture. This system is based on national standards but is much more detailed.

Sanya is one of the key centers of Hainan's economic development, with services and modern agriculture providing a significant part of its income. The island's administration plans to turn the city into a leading financial and economic center with an advanced infrastructure, housing the headquarters of leading Chinese and foreign companies. This large city, also known around the world as a first-class resort, is transforming itself year after year, attracting the attention of an increasing number of investors.