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Germany resumes receiving Nord Stream gas after repairs

Gas pumping at the German terminal resumed as of 07:00 Moscow time on July 21

MOSCOW, July 21. /TASS/. Germany’s Greifswald terminal resumes receiving gas over the Nord Stream pipeline following the end of repairs, according to data of Nel and Opal gas transport operators.

Gas pumping at the German terminal resumed as of 07:00 Moscow time on July 21. The Nord Stream AG also confirms renewed gas deliveries albeit at the lowered level of about 30% of the maximum capacity.

The DPA news agency, citing a Nord Stream AG representative, reported that the transportation of Russian gas resumed via Nord Stream on Thursday morning. However, the company noted that some time would elapse before the pipeline reaches its full capacity.

Since mid-June, the Nord Stream project has been operating at 40% of its maximum capacity due to the delayed return of gas compressor units from maintenance work. One of the turbines built by Siemens Energy in Canada was sent to Montreal for an overhaul. The producer refused to return the repaired turbine to Germany due to Canada’s sanctions against Russia.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if Russia does not get the Nord Stream turbine, the route could be used to pump only 30 mln cubic meters of gas instead of the current 60 mln cubic meters.

On July 9, after numerous requests, Canada decided to return the turbine to Germany. The European Commission said that such actions do not violate sanctions against Russia since these measures do not apply to gas transit equipment.