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Gazprom to continue gas injection to European UGS after filling Russian storages — CEO

According to Alexei Miller, Gazprom plans to complete gas injection into Russian UGS on November 8

MOSCOW, October 27. /TASS/. Gazprom is ready to continue natural gas injection to European underground gas storages (UGS) after completion of UGS filling in Russia, CEO Alexei Miller said on Wednesday.

"As soon as we complete gas injection to UGS of the Russian Federation, will start injecting our Gazprom’s gas to European UGS. Certainly, there are no doubt this will improve reliability and stability of supplies during the forthcoming winter season," the top manager said.

According to Alexei Miller, Gazprom plans to reach the target gas volume injected into Russian underground gas storages (UGS) by November 1 and complete gas injection on November 8.

"We plan to complete gas injection to Russian underground storages by November 1; the target figure is 72 billion and 600 million cubic meters of gas, Miller said. Gas injection to Russian UGS will be fully completed on November 8, he added.

Gazprom has UGS in Europe, including Austria and Germany, Miller noted. "The gas volume in these underground storages is insignificant, very small, slightly below 190 mln cubic meters of gas," he added.