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Deadlines for Nord Stream 2 completion to be reviewed after new US sanctions

The gas pipeline is 93% complete to date, according to official data

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. Nord Stream 2 investors will be able to estimate the completion time for the pipeline after the introduction of new US sanctions against the project, CEO of Austria’s OMV Rainer Seele (one of European partners of the project) said at the press conference on Tuesday.

"The question is what other sanctions will be adopted. In this case [after the sanctions are announced] the consortium will be able to assess the delays possible in this regard. Of course, what sanctions are imposed and how Europe responds will be really important," Seele said, responding to a question from TASS about whether the project could be delayed indefinitely due to sanctions.

The Nord Stream 2 project includes construction of two gas pipeline strings with the total capacity of 55 bln cubic meters per year from Russia to Germany across the Baltic Sea. The gas pipeline is 93% complete to date. The construction was suspended at the end of 2019 when Swiss pipe-laying company Allseas stopped work due to US sanctions. In June, US senators proposed to expand sanctions.