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Radicals, intel services behind terror attacks in various countries, says Putin

The tactics employed by these criminals are becoming increasingly complex and barbaric, the Russian leader pointed out

MOSCOW, April 24. /TASS/. Both radical groups and intelligence services of certain countries are behind terror attacks in various parts of the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his video address to participants in the 12th international meeting of high representatives for security issues on Wednesday.

"Undoubtedly, international terrorism remains one of the gravest threats of the 21st century. The objectives behind terrorist attacks occurring across various regions are not solely driven by radical groups, but also involve the intelligence services of certain nations. Their aim is to undermine constitutional foundations and destabilize sovereign states, fueling interethnic and interreligious discord," the Russian leader said.

The tactics employed by these criminals are becoming increasingly complex and barbaric, Putin pointed out.

"Once again, this was demonstrated by the bloody terrorist attack that took place on March 22 in the Moscow Region [the attack on the Crocus City Hall music venue]," the Russian president said.

Russia’s intelligence services and law enforcement agencies are investigating and scrutinizing every detail of this despicable act, identifying all the parties involved, including instigators, sponsors, and orchestrators. None of them should escape just punishment, Putin said.

The 12th International Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues is taking place in St. Petersburg on April 23-25. Delegations from 106 countries headed by Security Council Secretaries, national security advisers and counsellors, ministers and heads of special services have come to Russia to take part in the event. International organizations are also present, they are represented by eight secretaries general and top management. The Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia are participating in such a meeting for the first time.