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Ukraine lost 20% of vehicles, weapons during counteroffensive — report

Vehicle losses have recently dropped to 10% as Ukrainian forces have virtually halted offensives in many directions, the New York Times reported, citing U.S. officials

NEW YORK, July 16. /TASS/. Ukraine has lost about 20% of military equipment and weapons since it started its counteroffensive, the New York Times reported on Saturday, citing US officials.

Equipment losses have recently dropped to 10% as Ukrainian troops essentially stopped advancing in many areas, the report said.

The newspaper said US officials agreed to disclose only the percentage of losses, declining to provide hard numbers of destroyed equipment.

The Russian Defense Ministry said Ukrainian forces had been making unsuccessful attempts at an offensive since June 4. On June 22, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said that Ukrainian losses of servicemen had exceeded 13,000 since the start of the counteroffensive. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukrainian troops had no success in any area. On July 3, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that Russian troops had destroyed 16 Leopard tanks, which is almost as many as had been supplied to Ukraine by Poland and Portugal together.