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Putin says Russia taking ‘adequate’ measures in response to NATO’s provocations

The threat at Russian western borders is growing, the Russian President stressed

MOSCOW, December 1. /TASS/. The measures that Russia is taking in response to NATO’s provocations are more than adequate, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a ceremony of receiving foreign ambassadors’ credentials on Wednesday.

"Incidentally, the threat at our western borders is really growing and we have repeatedly spoken about that. It is enough to see how close the military infrastructure of the North Atlantic alliance has moved to the Russian borders. For us, this is more than serious," the Russian president stressed.

"In this situation, we are taking adequate military-technical measures," Putin added.

As the Russian leader stressed, Russia does not threaten any state.

"Considering the real situation, it is at least irresponsible to accuse us of that, i.e. to shift the blame from a sore to a healthy head, as the saying goes," Putin pointed out.