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Russia to feature upgraded giant military transport helicopter at Army-2018 forum

Russian Helicopters rotorcraft manufacturer will for the first time feature the upgraded Mil Mi-26T2V heavy-lift helicopter with the latest avionics suite and defensive aids system

ROSTOV-ON-DON, August 7. /TASS/. Russian Helicopters rotorcraft manufacturer (part of Russia’s hi-tech corporation Rostec) will for the first time feature the upgraded Mil Mi-26T2V heavy-lift helicopter with the latest avionics suite and defensive aids system at the Army-2018 forum, the company’s press office said on Tuesday.

"The Mi-26T2V lighting equipment has now been adapted for using night-vision goggles and new energy-absorbing crew seats have been installed in the helicopter’s cabin," the press office said.

The helicopter prototype developed for Russia’s Defense Ministry has been manufactured at the Rostvertol enterprise and will soon perform its debut flight.

"The helicopter is planned to fly to the Army-2018 exhibition on its own. After the forum, specialists of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Factory will hold a set of Mi-26T2V preliminary trials. After they are over, the helicopter will be delivered to the military for state trials," the Russian Helicopters press office said.

"Each unit in the helicopter should provide maximum efficiency. The Mi-26T2V onboard equipment makes this helicopter still more effective and reliable even during its operation in adverse weather and rugged terrain," Russian Helicopters Group CEO Andrei Boginsky said.

New helicopter

Following the customer’s requirements, the Mi-26T2V should be able to perform missions even in regions with complex physical and geographic features and unfavorable climatic conditions day and night over featureless terrain amid enemy counter-fire and information counter-measures, Russian Helicopters Group explained.

The Mi-26T2V features the new Vitebsk defensive aids suite, which both detects threats to the helicopter and counters attacking infrared homing warhead weapons.

The helicopter’s navigation and satellite-based communications systems and rescue equipment have also been improved.

"The new helicopter differs from the baseline Mi-26 model by its modern integrated NPK90-2V (BREO) avionics suite, which considerably simplifies the helicopter’s piloting," the company’s press office said.

The advanced BREO avionics suite allows performing flights along the route in an automated mode, reaching the designated point and making a landing approach and also carrying out pre-landing maneuvering and returning to the basic and alternate airfields.

In addition, the helicopter features the digital flight control system while the crew’s cabin is equipped with the colored liquid crystal multifunctional displays that considerably reduce load on the crew.