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Ukrainian party gathers signatures for Poroshenko’s impeachment

Calls for impeaching President Poroshenko could be heard more and more frequently of late

KIEV, September 12. /TASS/. Ukrainian party For Life said on Tuesday it was beginning a campaign for gathering signatures under a petition for President Pyotr Poroshenko’s resignation, party leader Yevgeny Murayev said on Tuesday.

As he addressed a rally in front of the National Bank building, Murayev said Poroshenko and other government bureaucrats had driven the country deep into crisis.

"We’ll ride throughout the country," he was quoted by GORDONua website. "We’ll bring people together and collect signatures everywhere. We oppose this institute [presidency] as such because everyone who gets into the presidential office loses goes mad."

"I don’t rule out they go there propelled by a dream to build our country but in reality they turn into commonplace thieves," Murayev said.

He added that the gathering of signatures among MPs for holding a new election had already gotten underway, adding there were two options for how to hold a new election and to change the government.

"Option number one is for Poroshenko to dissolve parliament because of the absence of a ruling majority," Murayev said. "We all know the Rada does not have [the needed majority of] 226 deputies at present."

"Option number two is the parliament won’t have 300 deputies if 123 incumbent deputies resign," he noted. "We’ve launched the gathering of signatures."

Calls for impeaching President Poroshenko could be heard more and more frequently of late. For instance, the city hall in Belaya Tserkov, the Kiev region adopted a petition for the Verkhovna Rada at the end of August to endorse a legislative process of impeachment.

In June, the Kiev region council drew up a petition of the same kind for the Rada.