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Expert believes Brexit to bring UK closer to US

An expert stresses that Brexit will not affect the Russia-UK cooperation in any way

MOSCOW, January 17. /TASS/. The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union commonly known as Brexit will only bring London closer to the United States, Elena Ananyeva, Head of the Center for British Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Europe, told TASS on Tuesday.

"The UK’s withdrawal from the EU will bring the UK closer to the US," the expert said in comments on the Brexit speech by UK Prime Minister, Theresa May. "London and Washington have had special relationship in defense and intelligence since WWII. Besides, the UK voted for modernizing the Trident nuclear system, and that means Britain’s absolute dependence on the US."

The expert stressed that Brexit will not affect the Russia-UK cooperation in any way. "Relations between Russia and the UK do not depend on the EU, because London insisted on a hard line towards Russia being a EU member-country," she said.

"Cooperation between Russia and the UK will depend on the rhetoric of the future US administration," Ananyeva noted. "Considering that Trump’s views are out of tune with those of the current British leadership, there will be a period of adaptation by the UK and the US to Russia."