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Russia’s Investigative Committee works on six criminal cases related to events in Ukraine

Separately, the case against members of the Ukrainian National Assembly — Ukrainian People's Self-Defense movement is ivestigated in the North Caucasus Federal District
Russia's Investigative Committee ITAR-TASS/Gennady Khamelyanin
Russia's Investigative Committee
© ITAR-TASS/Gennady Khamelyanin

MOSCOW, June 09. /ITAR-TASS/. Russia’s Investigative Committee has been working on six criminal cases related to the events in Ukraine, the authority’s representative Vladimir Markin said in an interview with ITAR-TASS on Monday.

“The first one is against the leader of the Right Sector — Dmytro Yarosh, who publicly called on anti-Russian forces for extremism actions and terror in the territory of Russia,” he said. “The second one is against Ukraine’s businessman Gennady Balashov, who called publicly for murdering Russian citizens. The third one is on the life attempts of Russia Today’s operator Fyodor Zavaleykov. The fourth one refers to the threats that several Russian governors have received in connection with the events in Ukraine.”

“The fifth criminal case is on charges for illegal decisions of Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office against Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Alexander Vitko,” Markov said. “The sixth one is about the prohibited methods of war.”

Besides, he said, there is another criminal case, which is investigated in the North Caucasus Federal District. It is against Ukraine’s citizens, members of the UNA-UNSO (Ukrainian National Assembly — Ukrainian People's Self-Defense) movement.

“By the way, among the persons in that case there is also Dmytro Yarosh. Others are Ihor Mazur, Valery Bobrovich, Dmytro Korchinsky, Andriy and Oleh Tyahnibok, Volodymyr Mamalyga and others, whom the investigations has not identified yet,” he said. The Russian Investigative Committee has proofs all those people fought against the Russian federal forces on the side of the Chechen separatists during 1994-1995 war and were involved in brutal tortures and murders of unarmed people.

“The investigative authorities also conduct a pre-investigation check of the information in the media that Ukraine’s MP Oleh Lyashko attempted to take children to Turkey ‘for a holiday’,” Markin said in conclusion.