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Gagauzia head Gutul says US sanctions expected, says she is not afraid of them

She underscored that her inclusion into the US sanctions list was expected

CHISINAU, June 12. /TASS/. Head of the Moldova’s autonomous region of Gagauzia Evghenia Gutul stated her certainty that she will overcome the US sanctions that were imposed against her on the initiative of Moldovan President Maia Sandu.

"It is pointless to be afraid of courts, sanctions, threats. We will not stop before the big goal - to improve the life for our people and our country. We have been overcoming and we will overcome the obstacle course, designed by Maia Sandu and her puppeteers," Gutul said on her Telegram channel.

She underscored that her inclusion into the US sanctions list was expected.

"It is no surprise for me to find myself in the US sanctions list. It was expected. Maia Sandu’s puppeteers act just like her team does. It is unprofitable for them that we improve the lives of Moldovans - the Gagauz, in particular - together with reliable partners. Well, more people will learn about the Gagauz people now," Gutul noted.

The Prime Minister of Moldova Dorin Recean welcomed the US sanctions against Gutul, noting that this decision has become the result of the efficient cooperation between Chisinau authorities and the external partners. According the Prime Minister, the US’ reaction should set an example for Moldovan judicial power.

After winning the elections last year, Gutul announced her intention to strengthen the region’s friendly ties with Russia and criticized Chisinau’s policy of confrontation with Moscow. Earlier today, the US Department of the Treasury imposed sanctions against over 30 persons, including ones from Russia and China, over the special military operation in Ukraine. The blacklist also includes citizens of Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and South Africa.