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Serbian president does not rule out deployment of Western troops to Ukraine

Aleksandar Vucic said that "when Western tanks in Ukraine were first mentioned, many said that this will never happen"

BELGRADE, March 3. /TASS/. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said that he doesn’t rule out that the West may send its troops to the conflict zone in Ukraine.

"A lot of difficult situations are ahead of us. When Western tanks in Ukraine were first mentioned, many said that this will never happen, but it happened. Western planes were mentioned and many said it will never happen but it happened. Now talk is about Western troops in Ukraine. Some say that this will not happen, but it will. The situation will be deteriorating everywhere and we will have to find the best possible solution for our country. We must stay together to defend it, to help our people in Kosovo and Metohija and defend Kosovo and Metohija within Serbia so that the country could develop and grow economically," he said at a meeting of the Serbian Progressive Party.

After a conference on Ukraine in the Paris on February 26, French President Emmanuel Macron said that the participants had looked at sending ground troops to Ukraine. Although no consensus was reached on this topic, he left the door open for such a scenario in the future. After the conference, most of the participating counties pledged that they have no plans to send troops to Ukraine to fight against Russia. French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne said on the following day that the presence of Western troops in Ukraine could be needed to offer certain types of assistance, for instance, in mine clearance operations and training of Ukrainian soldiers, but such presence would not envisage their participation in the conflict.