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North Korea develops new guided projectile for MLRS — KCNA

The media pointed out that the new munitions "will qualitatively change the amount of rocket launchers" in the DPRK military

TOKYO, February 12. /TASS/. The DPRK National Defense Academy has developed a new 240 mm guided projectile for multiple rocket launchers, the Korean Central News Agency has said.

On February 11, successful tests of the new munitions were reportedly conducted to assess the ability to control their trajectory and other parameters.

"The development of 240 mm controlled rocket launchers and ballistic control system will qualitatively change the amount of rocket launchers in our military," KCNA said.

The DPRK has recently been actively developing new weapons, including MLRS. Last year, the Korean People's Army received 600 mm MLRS systems, which, Pyongyang claims, can be used to launch tactical nuclear weapons.