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G7 nations urge Hamas to release all hostages without preconditions

This Palestinian movement still poses a security threat to Israel, the statement says

TOKYO, December 6. /TASS/. The Group of Seven (G7) nations call on the Palestinian movement Hamas to release all remaining hostages without preconditions, the G7 leaders said in a statement following a virtual meeting.

"We urge the immediate release of all remaining hostages without preconditions," the statement reads.

According to the G7 leaders, Hamas "still poses a security threat to Israel, as demonstrated by its continued rocket fire since October 7 and its public statements asserting that it will continue to attack Israel in the future."

On November 22, Hamas announced an agreement with Israel on a four-day humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip, which had been brokered by Egypt and Qatar and took effect on November 24. The deal stipulated the release of Israeli women and children being held hostage in Gaza in exchange for the release of Palestinian women and children from Israeli prisons. On the morning of December 1, the Israel Defense Forces accused Hamas of violating the truce and resumed combat operations in the Gaza Strip.