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Xi Jinping supports Africa’s efforts to help with peace settlement in Ukraine

Chinese President expressed hope that through dialogue it will be possible to create "favorable conditions for resolving the crisis"

BEIJING, June 10. /TASS/. Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke by phone with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and expressed support for the efforts of African countries that plan to send a delegation to Russia and Ukraine to help with the peaceful settlement of the conflict, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.

"The fact that you, Mr. President, together with the leaders of interested African countries, have formed a delegation for peaceful settlement that will visit Russia and Ukraine is a good event," Xi Jinping was quoted as saying in a statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry. "I hope that peace-loving countries around the world that support justice will be able to stimulate the advancement of the peace process for the settlement [of the conflict] through the voice of reason."

The Chinese president said Beijing invariably supports efforts that seek to restore peace through diplomacy.

"I hope all relevant sides will, through dialogue, create favorable conditions to settle the crisis," he said.

Ramaphosa announced on May 16 that Russia and Ukraine had agreed to receive a delegation from African countries seeking a peaceful settlement of the conflict. The South African president represents a group of seven African countries: Egypt, Zambia, Republic of Congo, Senegal, Uganda, South Africa and the Comoros Islands, which currently hold the presidency in the African Union. The mission is expected to visit Russia and Ukraine in the second half of June.