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EU categorically demands that Serbia recognizes Kosovo’s independence — ex-minister

Zivadin Jovanovic noted that the Franco-German plan "is not the key to peace, stability and progress of any region, people or Europe as a whole"

BELGRADE, February 27. /TASS/. The French-German plan for talks between Belgrade and Pristina is the ultimatum against Serbia, demanding the recognition of Kosovo’s independence, ex-Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Zivadin Jovanovic told TASS.

"The proposal of [German Chancellor Olaf] Scholz and [President of France Emmanuel] Macron is the ultimatum against Serbia to recognize the unlawful unilateral independence of unrecognized Kosovo, which is accompanied by a list of threats to follow if Serbia does not accept it. It was said that the ultimatum is the position of the entire EU. It does not change the essence that this ultimatum is named for the Serbian public as ‘new negotiation framework of the EU backed by the US.’ An ultimatum is an ultimatum, irrespective of the wrapping," Jovanovic said.

"We must tell the truth that the EU abruptly abandoned its status neutrality and that the last paper (irrespective of the one writing it, joining or supporting it) is evidence that the EU withdraws from the mandate of the UN General Assembly," the ex-minister noted.

The French-German plan "is not the key to peace, stability and progress of any region, nation or Europe on the whole. This is the plan of total domination of NATO headed by the US over the Serbian people and the Balkans, the plan of preparing the Balkans as the strategic position in the global war against Russia and China," Jovanovic said. The French-German plan of solving the issue of unrecognized Kosovo will only continue "splitting up Serbia and the Serbian nation in the Balkans," he added.