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‘Soviet citizen’ who accused security officers of treason apprehended at Ukrainian border

The trespasser produced a Soviet passport and demanded free pass, accusing the border guards of treason

KIEV, February 17. /TASS/. Ukrainian border security officers apprehended a trespasser, who showed a USSR passport during the ID check and demanded free pass, accusing the officers of treason. The incident took place at Kuchurgan checkpoint in the Odessa Region.

The trespasser reportedly tried to cross the border from Moldova. He refused to comply with border service’s demands, claiming their actions were unlawful.

"He accused the Ukrainian border security officers of treason, although in accordance with the USSR law, and called on the officers to defect to the Soviet Union," the border security said in a statement.

The "Soviet citizen" was apprehended during the incident. He was barred from entering Ukraine for three years for trespassing.