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Bolivia’s Morales calls party meeting to talk presidential election candidate

Bolivia's presidential election was held on October 20

BUENOS AIRES, December 22. /TASS/. The Bolivian Movement for Socialism political party will hold a meeting in Buenos Aires on December 29 to discuss the process of picking a new candidate to stand in the upcoming presidential election in Bolivia, former President Evo Morales who recently was granted asylum in Argentina said via Twitter on Saturday.

"We are convening Movement for Socialism leaders from the country’s nine departments for a meeting in Buenos Aires on December 29 to debate and organize a party conference where we will choose a candidate for the next election," wrote Morales who was appointed head of the campaign staff for a candidate.

Bolivia's presidential election was held on October 20. The country's Supreme Electoral Court declared that incumbent President Evo Morales won the first round. His main rival, former President Carlos Mesa, said that he did not recognize Morales' victory. After the results of the election were announced, protests and strikes erupted across the South American country. Morales declared a state of emergency in Bolivia.

On November 10, Bolivian President Evo Morales announced his resignation, branding the developments as a coup d’etat. He stepped down following the demands of the country’s armed forces, opposition and trade unions. Former Vice President of Bolivia Alvaro Garcia Linera also slammed the developments as a coup as well as the speakers of both parliament chambers who, in accordance with the constitution, were next in line of succession to assume the interim presidency. In that situation, senator and second Vice-Speaker of the Senate of Bolivia Jeanine Anez who represents opposition declared that she had assumed the presidency until a new election is held and appointed a new cabinet of ministers.

Morales fled the country and travelled to Mexico where he was granted asylum. On December 12, he arrived in the Buenos Aires after Argentina granted him asylum as well.