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French police wary of terror attacks during Paris Olympics, especially by Islamists

In addition to the police and gendarmerie, 10,000 soldiers will be involved in security operations

PARIS, June 21. /TASS/. The French authorities are wary of potential terror attack attempts, especially from radical Islamists, during the Summer Olympics in Paris, capital police Prefect Laurent Nunez said.

"We are, of course concerned over the threat of terrorism, especially from the Islamists. So far, there has been no clear threat to the Games or our country, but I would like to remind you that, in late May, two people were arrested in Saint-Etienne, who had a plan, aimed directly against the Olympics. This is a serious cause for concern," he said during a press conference. "Terrorism remains the main threat, along with radical ecological, alt-left and pro-Palestinian groups," the prefect added.

At the same time, Nunez assured that, by now, security plans for the games are completely ready. They include anti-drone measures, and plans of action in case of nuclear, bacteriological or chemical threats. In order to monitor the situation in public areas, CCTV systems will include artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm for analysis of people’s behavior and detection of potentially dangerous situations. In addition to the police and gendarmerie, 10,000 soldiers will be involved in security operations. All of Paris’ underground tunnels will be monitored.

The Paris Olympics will take place between July 26 and August 11. The opening ceremony will take place at Seine. Considering the high risk of potential threats at the opening ceremony, which will proceed along the Seine embankment and the Trocadero Square, a decision was made to reduce the number of spectators from 600,000 to 326,000. Before the games begin, special QR codes will be issued for movement near Olympic facilities and Paris embankments.