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Hainan becomes popular among scientific tourists

Many visitors are interested in local flora and fauna, travel agents said

HAIKOU /China/, May 30. /TASS/. South China's Hainan province has recently become very popular among scientific tourists. This was reported by China News Service.

According to the news service, an increasing number of tourists is attracted by programs such as trips to the jungle in the center of the island, launches from the Wenchang Space Launch Site (northeast coast), visits to dwarf volcanoes in the northern part of the province, as well as mangrove forests and introduction into the history and specific features of the South China Sea that washes over Hainan.

Visitors are noted to pay particular attention to the cultural program, including visits to the villages of the autochthonous Li people. Its representatives to this day retain the ancient traditions dating back to the Neolithic Age.

Hainan travel agencies confirm that many visitors show an interest in the local flora and fauna. This makes it possible to create new and exciting tourism products.

"Hainan has a comprehensive resource base that makes popular scientific tourism programs related to marine, land and aerospace projects possible," said Xie Xiang, deputy head of the Hainan University College of Tourism. He noted that over the centuries the island has developed a unique and distinctive culture, reflecting the specifics of the surrounding Southeast Asian region.

Fu Yongqing, head of the scientific and educational projects section of the Hainan Provincial Tourism Association, explained that as the destination grows in popularity, the island attracts more and more adults, who come to learn alongside children and teenagers who are traditionally interested in geography, history, ethnography, zoology and cosmonautics. "A period of dynamic development has begun for Hainan's popular science tourism market," he stressed.