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Hainan’s Sanya hosts China's first underwater photography competition

About 40 high-professional divers and amateur underwater photographers will take part in the competition

HAIKOU /China/, May 29. /TASS/. The city of Sanya on the southern coast of Hainan Island began China's first competition in underwater photography. This was reported by the Sanya Daily newspaper on Monday.

According to the newspaper, the national competition began on May 28 and will last four days. It is held on Wuzhizhou Island, which is known in China as a major scuba diving base.

About 40 high-professional divers and underwater photographers, including foreigners, are taking part in the competition. They will compete in five categories covering various aspects of photography.

"These competitions are of great significance to the comprehensive development of tourism and sports in Hainan," commented the provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Broadcasting and Sports on the event. "They will help shape the sports industry on the island and attract more diving professionals."

Holding such events in China's southernmost province is expected to promote the introduction of advanced equipment in local underwater photography, raise its standards and internationalize it. "This will help Hainan reach new heights in the international aquatic sport," the agency specified.

According to Liu Qing, head of one of the subdivisions of the Overwater Activities Control Center of China's General Administration of State Sports, other countries have held lifting photography competitions for many years, but China has never officially had such competitions before. The official noted that Sanya has great geographical advantages, which will allow the city to successfully develop this direction.