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Chechen leader’s threats to journalists to be reported to president — Kremlin

The threats were made by Ramzan Kadyrov towards the journalists of Novaya Gazeta and the Dozhd TV channel

MOSCOW, February 2. /TASS/. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian president will be informed during the day about an appeal by the editorial office of Echo of Moscow radio station with a request to intervene over threats made by the head of Russia’s Republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, to the journalists of Novaya Gazeta and the Dozhd TV channel (recognized in the Russian media as a foreign agent - TASS).

"Yes, we have paid attention to this. We have paid attention to the fact that you have addressed the president. This appeal will be reported to the head of state today," the press secretary said.

At the same time, focusing on the statements of State Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov, including threats to family members of the retired federal judge Saidi Yangulbayev, Peskov underscored that it is not the Kremlin’s function to assess the actions of deputies. "This is the function of the State Duma and the ethics committee. If I am not mistaken, certain assessments were given by representatives of this committee. We would not like to interfere in this process," Peskov stressed.

The Kremlin Spokesman also said that he was not aware of Putin’s plans to meet with Kadyrov. "I have no information about this, there are no plans," he said, responding to a question from TASS.