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France grateful to Russia for offering specialists to rebuild Notre-Dame, says diplomat

French Ambassador to Russia Sylvie Bermann said that French President Emmanuel Macron has been informed about Russia's offer to send specialists to help rebuild the Notre-Dame

MOSCOW, April 22. /TASS/. France is grateful to Russia for its proposal to send specialists to help rebuild the fire-ravaged Notre-Dame cathedral, French Ambassador to Russia Sylvie Bermann told TASS on Monday.

"We [in France] were touched by Russia’s offer to send specialists. We know that it has outstanding specialists, especially in the sphere of medieval architecture," the diplomat said at the presentation of novels by French novelist Anatole France at the Vita Nova Publishing House.

She said French President Emmanuel Macron had been informed about Russia’s proposals, but the final decision on reconstruction work and its participants has not yet been made.

"In any case, the French president will respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin," the ambassador pledged.

The fire at Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral broke out at 6:50pm local time on Monday, April 15. Due to fierce blaze, the building’s spire and most of the roof collapsed. French authorities and private donors have pledged hundreds of millions of euros to rebuild one of the French capital’s most important landmarks.