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Up to 25,000 Ukrainian refugees stay in Russia’s temporary asylums

Russia's Emergencies Ministry spokesman Alexander Drobyshevsky says 367 temporary asylums were set up on the territory of Russia

MOSCOW, July 16. /ITAR-TASS/. Up to 25,000 Ukrainian refugees, who were forced to flee their country amid the ongoing armed conflict, are staying in Russia’s temporary asylums, a spokesman for the Russian Emergencies Ministry Alexander Drobyshevsky said on Wednesday.

“A total of 367 temporary asylums were set up on the territory of Russia, accommodating 24,720 refugees, including 9,590 children,” Drobyshevsky said, adding that “eight additional temporary asylum camps with an accommodating capacity of 3,754 places were set up and are ready to receive more people".

The Emergencies Ministry’s aviation, as well as ground transportation, are taking refugees from Crimea and Russia’s Rostov Region, which borders Ukraine, to other regions of Russia. A total of some 12,000 people have been transported so far.

Specialists from the mobile hospital of the Southern search and rescue detachment keep rendering medical assistance to Ukrainian refugees in the Rostov Region. They helped a total of some 300 people so far.

Russia’s Federal Migration Service (FMS) chief Konstantin Romodanovsky said on Monday that a total of over 30,000 Ukrainians had already applied to the service for refugee status or temporary refuge.

At a meeting with Director of the Bureau for Europe of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Office Vincent Cochetel on Monday, the Russian migration official said that the growing number of these applications caused special concern.