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Kherson governor hopes to hear Putin outline development plans for new regions

Vladimir Saldo believes the Russian president "will emphasize social issues, specific programs to support certain groups of the population"

GENICHESK, February 26. /TASS/. The Kherson Region’s Governor, Vladimir Saldo, hopes that in his address to the Federal Assembly President Vladimir Putin will outline plans for the development of Donbass and Novorossiya (New Russia) and specific programs of social support for Russians, including participants in the special military operation.

"The president has already made it clear that the 2024 address will escribe a plan of action for six years ahead. It will be a fundamental discussion of prospects," he told TASS.

"As for specifics, I believe the president will emphasize social issues, specific programs to support certain groups of the population. I expect to hear plans and tasks regarding the socio-economic development of Novorossiya and Donbass," Saldo said. In particular, he hopes that the address will also include support measures for the participants in the special military operation.

According to the Kherson governor, Putin may also speak about demographic issues, including support for young and large families.

"I think the president will touch upon foreign policy, but in a slightly different aspect. Probably, the emphasis will be on relations with countries that support Russia," Saldo added.

The president's message to the Federal Assembly is an annual public address by the head of state to both houses of parliament, in which he assesses the current state of affairs in the country and defines domestic and foreign policy guidelines. The address is one of the key documents of strategic planning - the basis for determining the most important goals and priorities of Russia’s socio-economic development and national security. The content and form of the address are determined by the president and are not regulated by any legal acts.