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Medvedev says Russia doesn’t need new constitution

The politician emphasized that "the constitution is a conservative document" and it should be amended "as carefully as possible"

GORKY /Moscow Region/, December 11. /TASS/. Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev, who is also chairman of the United Russia party, has said the country doesn’t need a new constitution.

At a meeting with schoolchildren and students ahead of Constitution Day, the politician was asked whether he thought Russia needed a new version of the constitution.

"We don't need a new constitution yet, in my opinion," he replied. "The constitution is a conservative document."

Medvedev added that any amendments to the constitution should be made "as carefully as possible."

He said when a country goes through serious social changes, it is sometimes necessary to adopt a new version of the constitution.

"But now there are no such conditions [in Russia], and I hope that there will be no such conditions, because, simply put, this is usually a consequence of revolution, and we do not need revolutions. We have reached the ceiling for revolutions, as they say, in the 20th century," Medvedev said.

However, he said "there will definitely be occasional changes to the constitution." However, "neither government agencies nor the fundamental principles of the constitution <...> - it makes no sense to change this. These are fundamental human things," the official said.

"Improvement [of the Russian constitution] will certainly take place, but a new constitution, it seems to me, is something that wouldn’t make sense to discuss yet," he said.