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Russia could help Palestine, Israel to reach settlement as it has ties with both — Putin

The president said Israel is facing "an unprecedented attack that has never been seen in history - not only in terms of magnitude, but also in terms of how it was executed"

BISHKEK, October 13. /TASS/. Russia could help with the Palestinian-Israeli settlement, as it ties with both sides, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters.

"Russia could do it. That’s because we have had good relations with Israel over the past 15 years, absolutely right. And traditional relations with Palestine. So no one will suspect us of wanting to do someone’s bidding," he said, when asked whether Moscow could help settle the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Putin said Russia could help mediate if there’s demand for it.

"The only way to do this is based on agreement between the sides," he said.

The president said Israel is facing "an unprecedented attack that has never been seen in history - not only in terms of magnitude, but also in terms of how it was executed."

"Israel is responding with full force and also using quite brutal methods," he continued. "Of course, we understand the logic of the events. But despite the tough stance taken by both sides, I still believe that, of course, one should think about the civilian population."

Unacceptable steps

The president said even the US comes up with "assessments of what is happening, and various options are emerging for how the events will unfold." There are suggestions that "military and non-military measures" could be taken against the Gaza Strip, similar to those that were used during the siege of Leningrad during World War II, he said.

"We understand what this is related to. In my opinion, this is unacceptable," Putin said. "More than two million people live there. Not everyone supports Hamas, by the way. Not everyone. But everyone will suffer, including women and children. Of course, hardly anyone would agree with that."


The president said Israel "has the right to ensure its security and guarantees of that security."

"It is necessary to find these tools, this way out of the situation. In my opinion, it can, of course, be achieved as a result of some mediation efforts," he said. "We have - I have already mentioned this many times - many fellow Russians, former citizens of the Soviet Union and Russia, living in Israel. This factor is real for us, of course. We cannot forget about it. But, on the other hand, we also have had very good relations with the Arab world - for many years, decades. And first of all, of course, with Palestine, which was once promised that a Palestinian state would be created, with East Jerusalem as its capital."

Putin said the promises were backed by UN Security Council resolutions. The Palestinians are within their right to expect them to materialize.

"All of this should be combined. And, of course, first of all one needs to think about the people who are by no means to blame for today's escalation. And to pretend that no one sees or understands [that], to overlook that is impossible," Putin said.

The situation in the Middle East sharply escalated following an incursion of Hamas militants from the Gaza Strip into Israel on October 7. Hamas regards the attack as a response to Israeli actions against the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Jerusalem's Temple Mount. Israel has declared a complete siege of the Gaza Strip and has started delivering strikes on that area and parts of Lebanon and Syria. Clashes are also taking place in the West Bank. More than 1,500 Palestinians have been killed and more than 7,200 wounded. Also, up to 1,500 Israelis have been killed and almost 4,000 wounded.