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Putin urges big business representatives to link their families' future with Russia

"Recent events have only confirmed what I kept saying earlier: it's safer at home," the Russian leader stressed

ST. PETERSBURG, June 17. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin called on representatives of domestic big business to link their future and the future of their children with Russia.

"Today I would also like to address our leaders, large companies owners, our major entrepreneurs and managers. Dear colleagues, friends, real, lasting success, a sense of dignity and self-respect come only when you connect your future, your children's future with your Motherland," the head of state emphasized, speaking at the SPIEF plenary session.

Putin noted that he has been in contact with many CEOs and company owners for a long time and knows their sentiments. "I have heard from you many times that business is much more than making a profit. It is indeed. And changing the life around, contributing to the development of your hometown, region, country as a whole is an extremely important thing for self-realization. Nothing can replace service to people and society. This is the meaning of life, the genuine meaning of work," the president pointed out.

"Recent events have only confirmed what I kept saying earlier: it's safer at home. Those who didn't want to hear this obvious message lost hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars in the West. This is how the supposedly safe haven for capital turned out," Putin stressed.