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Russia in meaningful talks with EU on mutual recognition of ‘vaccine passports’ — Lavrov

The Russian foreign minister added that this topic remained a priority

KALININGRAD, August 17. /TASS/. The Russian side is engaged in a substantive and professional dialogue with the European Union on the topic of mutually recognizing vaccination ‘passports’. Moreover, the Europeans are demonstrating the political will needed to resolve this issue, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday.

"As for the visa issue, we have problems with the EU that need to be addressed. As you know, a substantive and professional conversation is underway by the Russian Health Ministry and the Gamaleya Center, of course, with our foreign policy support about the mutual recognition of the so-called COVID certificates. It seems that political will there does exist, and it was demonstrated and declared. Several legal and technical issues are being dealt with, such as ensuring personal data protection, technical compatibility of procedures and some others," the minister stressed.

The top Russian diplomat added that this topic remained a priority because, for instance, drivers and truckers abroad needed to rest and to visit public spaces, including "hospitals, restaurants and cafes that required QR codes." "It will all be possible as soon as we agree to mutually recognize certificates," Lavrov noted.

"We are prepared to and we are going to continue this pragmatic and professional dialogue. But we are hoping that these delays, which are clearly politicized, will finally end and we will reach agreements that meet the interests of Russian and EU citizens," he concluded.