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Settlements within 5-km radius from emergency site evacuated after drone attack in Crimea

The incident took place in the Krasnogvardeisky district

SIMFEROPOL, July 22. /TASS/. Local authorities evacuate settlements within the 5-km radius from the emergency site in Crimea’s Krasnogvardeysky District, Head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov announced Saturday.

"A detonation at an ammunition depot occurred after the enemy drone raid at the Krasnogvardeysky District. According to preliminary information, no injuries or damage was caused," the governor said on his Telegram channel. "A decision was made to evacuate the population within the 5-km radius from the emergency site to temporary accommodation facilities."

Earlier, Aksyonov reported that a drone attack was attempted at infrastructure objects in Crimea’s Krasnogvardeysky District, causing detonation of munitions at an ammunition depot.

"In order to minimize risks, a decision was made to temporarily suspend service on the Crimean railroad," Aksyonov added.