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Siemens has no plans to withdraw from Russian market — company’s representative

"Our aim is to make sure that all our subsidiaries and partners comply with those norms", according to a company representative

BERLIN, July 21. /TASS/. Germany’s engineering group Siemens has no plans to wrap up operations in Russia despite the recently introduced restrictions, Philip Ench, a representative of the company, told TASS Friday when asked to provide comments regarding the information about deliveries of four turbines to Crimea.

"No, that [withdrawal from Russia - TASS] is not the point," he said.

"The point is that our company adheres to all regulations and export rules, which has always been the case. Our aim is to make sure that all our subsidiaries and partners comply with those norms," he added.

The company said in a press release earlier, that four gas turbines that were delivered in the summer of 2016 for the project in Taman, Southern Russia, have since been locally modified and illegally moved to Crimea against clear contractual agreements. Siemens also decided to suspend the implementation of certain contracts with Russian companies with state participation at this stage and withdraw from the Russian firm Interautomatika where is holds a 46% stake.

Compliance with export 

Siemens has established a work group specifically for examining the operations of Russian clients for compliance with export standards and terms of existing contracts:

"The inspection, primarily concerning the construction of plants is underway," he said, refusing to give the names of particular companies.

Siemens said in a press release published earlier that the company is suspending supplies to Russian clients with state participation due to deliveries of its turbines to Crimea.

"This only affects power equipment supplies, which is clearly outlined in the report," Ench said.