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Hainan’s Sanya places 80 thousand cubic meters of artificial reefs in its waters – Xinhua

More than 35,000 coral bushes have been planted there so far

Sanya /China/, May 30. /TASS/. Protection and continuous improvement of marine ecology near the city of Sanya (Hainan province, South China) has led to significant results. This was reported by Xinhua News Agency.

As of the end of April 2023, about 80 thousand cubic meters of artificial reefs have been created at a marine farm near Wuzhizhou Island in the water area of the resort city of Sanya, the article says. It is noted that "the restoration of marine ecology and protection of fish resources has brought significant results."

More than 35,000 coral bushes have been planted in the Wuzhizhou water area so far, it is noted. The continuous improvement of the marine ecology in the area of Sanya city has contributed to the reproduction and increase in the number of various marine flora and fauna, the agency reports. It is stressed that together they form a "colorful and diverse underwater world".

Hainan provincial authorities pay special attention to environmental protection, including the restoration of marine ecology. Since 2013, 19 marine ecological restoration projects have been carried out in several bays near Sanya city. In addition to coral reefs, the authorities are also reinforcing the coastal strip, preventing it from being destroyed by waves.

In September 2020, Hainan authorities completed construction of a national-level marine farm near Wuzhizhou Island, near Sanya city.