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Media: Hainan boosts international cooperation on rare fruit cultivation

There are already more than 400 varieties of exotic fruits imported from other countries

HAIKOU, October 8. /TASS/. Qionghai in the east of the Hainan Province plans to boost international cooperation in the cultivation of rare fruits. According to Xinhua, there are already more than 400 varieties of exotic fruits imported from other countries in this part of the island.

This is probably the first time the Russians are hearing about many of these tropical delicacies. For example, about sapote, which has a milky white flesh and tastes like ice cream when frozen. Another similar fruit, only black in color, is similar in taste and consistency to chocolate pudding. In addition, finger limes are grown  in Qionghai — small lemons that resemble fish caviar in structure, as well as fruits called "swallow's nest", which are rarely seen on counters in other regions of China.

Plantations of these and many other unusual tropical fruits are located on the outskirts of Dalu in the northern part of the city. Their area reaches a thousand hectares. Approximately 50 varieties are grown there already on an industrial scale. In recent years, this pilot project has created an important channel for organizing the bulk supply of rare tropical fruits from Hainan to foreign states.

According to the local authorities, this program is being implemented with the involvement of the states of Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. The province is actively cooperating with these countries, exporting seeds, seedlings and advanced agricultural technologies to grow exotic fruits outside the island. Through such cross-border projects, Hainan is expected to create popular international brands of rare tropical fruits faster.