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Ukrainian Abrams tank hit by Russian Upyr FPV drone in Avdeyevka area

It was the third Abrams tank to be struck near Avdeyevka

MOSCOW, March 3. /TASS/. Russian troops have hit one more Ukrainian US-made Abrams tank in the Avdeyevka area with the use of Upyr FPV drones, a spokesman for the drone manufacturer told TASS.

"I have just been told by our soldiers that our drone can boast hitting an Abrams tank. The 30th infantry brigade damaged its caterpillar track and then it was hit by two Upyrs catching fire after the second strike. A PG-7V munition was used," he said.

It was the third Abrams tank to be struck near Avdeyevka. The first Abrams was completely destroyed with the use of an FPV drone Piranya on February 26. In slightly more than a day, the second Abrams was struck by a drone. Its crew managed to get out.

Russian troops employed Upyr FPV (first-person view) drones for the first time in the special military operation in Ukraine in May 2023. The drones proved their worth in combat operations: it helped Russian troops wipe out enemy boats with the assault force on the Dnieper River, adversary fortifications, dugouts and strongholds. Today, Russian troops are employing Upyr drones in all the directions of the special military operation in Ukraine.