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US believes that Russia tested 9M729 missile for range beyond 500 km

"All NATO allies agree that the 9M729 is not compliant with the INF Treaty," the US embassy’s spokesperson said

MOSCOW, January 24. /TASS/. The United States believes that Russia tested its 9M729 cruise missile for a range of over 500 km, the US embassy’s spokesperson Andrea Kalan told TASS on Thursday, commenting on the news briefing held by Russia’s defense and foreign ministries on Wednesday.

She said that Wednesday’s briefing "was controlled by Russia", which "allowed it to alter any and all technical details to maintain its cover story that the missile is Treaty compliant."

"All NATO allies agree that the 9M729 is not compliant with the INF Treaty and that Russia is in material breach of its obligations under the Treaty," Kalan said, adding that the briefing was "another attempt to obfuscate the violation and give the appearance of transparency."

Kalan said, "There is nothing Russia can do, show or say to change the fact that it has already tested the 9M729 cruise missile to ranges beyond 500 kilometers in violation of the INF Treaty."

"The United States has provided Russia in writing, what it must do to return to compliance and save the INF Treaty. At this stage only the complete and verifiable destruction of Russia’s 9M729 missiles, launchers, and associated equipment will resolve U.S. concerns," she stated.

Russia’s defense and foreign ministries on Wednesday held a joint briefing for foreign military attaches in Moscow to demonstrate the 9M279 missile which, Washington argues, is a violation of the INF Treaty. NATO countries, including the United States, refused to attend.