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Russia’s Yasen-class nuclear attack submarine Kazan to begin state trials next summer

The new submarine is expected to enter service with the Northern Fleet in late 2019

MOSCOW, December 7. /TASS/. Russia’s Yasen-M-class nuclear attack submarine Kazan will begin state trials in summer 2019 and perform live firing tests in autumn, a source in Russia’s shipbuilding industry has told TASS.

"In summer 2019, the submarine should embark on state trials and test-fire Oniks and Kalibr missiles at surface and coastal targets in autumn," the source said, adding that the submarine’s crew will also use self-guided torpedoes to strike underwater targets.

"The new submarine is expected to enter service with the Northern Fleet in late 2019," he said.

TASS has been unable to officially confirm this information at the time of the publication.

Yasen-class submarines

Kazan the second nuclear attack submarine of its class (project 885 and 885M), developed in the Malachite Design Bureau in Saint Petersburg. The first of the class, Severodvinsk, entered service in 2014, and considerable changes have since been made to the initial design. Currently, five more submarines of this class are at various stages of production.

Projects 885 and 885M are designed to destroy surface and underwater targets and adversary ground facilities. The full displacement is 13800 tons. They can submerge to 600 meters and develop an underwater speed of 30 knots. The mixed construction unites a light hull which covers the solid hull in the bow to decrease the signature. For the first time in domestic shipbuilding the torpedo launchers are located not in the bow but behind the central post compartment. The submarines are armed with Oniks and Kalibr cruise missiles and a powerful missile-torpedo complex.