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Minsk ready to host Ukraine talks — Belarusian foreign ministry

Sergey Aleinik emphasized that "Minsk's stance has not changed - the killings should be stopped; the negotiations should be started"

MINSK, May 29. /TASS/. Minsk is open to hosting the negotiations on the Ukrainian settlement, Belarusian Defense Minister Sergey Aleinik has said.

"We believe that the reasons for the start of this conflict are complex. We surely know that this whole situation was firstly triggered, and now is being fueled from the outside. This is being done by those who receive direct payoffs from it," he said following a meeting with Hungarian Defense Minister Peter Szijjarto. "All the others are just standing aside. As a result, thousands of people, including civilians, die. Millions of people became refugees," he added.

Aleinik emphasized that "the stance of Minsk has not changed - the killings should be stopped; the negotiations should be started." "Right now. On our part, we are ready to assist. Minsk is open for negotiations," Aleinik emphasized.

"Any further provocations, stimulating Kiev to fight ‘to the last Ukrainian’ and pumping it with weapons, including long-range ones, may lead to a world-scale catastrophe and irreversible consequences. And they will definitely lead to even worse consequences for Ukraine and its people," the Belarusian minister pointed out.

He added that establishing peace in Europe is of profound importance for the entire region. "Regrettably, some countries, including our neighbors, try to involve Belarus in the conflict. I mean real actions: they allocate more money for military needs, buy offensive weapons, as well as reinforce military capabilities near our borders. Simultaneously, NATO is conducting fast-tracked troops shift. Besides, neighboring countries host trainings for militants, who publicly announce their intention to use this experience for committing sabotage acts and terrorist attacks in Belarus," Aleinik recalled.

"We have never created any problems for our neighbors, this is our principled position. Neither do we now. Belarus is a peaceful country. We are happy with our land. We have no intention to attack anyone. But we will not sit idle either," the Belarusian minister said.