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Slovakia, Hungary not to join Czech initiative on shells for Ukraine — Foreign Ministers

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto underscored that Hungary had not provided and did not provide military aid to Ukraine

PRAGUE, March 21. /TASS/. Slovakia and Hungary will not join the Czech initiative on procurement of artillery shells for Ukraine, Foreign Ministers Juraj Blanar and Peter Szijjarto said during a press conference after the Visegrad Group ministerial meeting.

"Slovakia and its new government assume a clear position that we will not make any military shipments to Ukraine. We believe that this conflict has no military solution. So, we will not join the Czech initiative," Blanar said. "I would also like to specially emphasize that [Slovakia] will provide humanitarian aid and will aid [Ukraine] with non-military shipments."

Szijjarto also underscored that Hungary has not provided and does not provide military aid to Ukraine. Budapest is not involved in any initiative that aims to send weapons or ammunition to this country.