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Top Ukrainian commander says brigade commanders are to blame for failures on battlefield

Work continues on the eastern front, Alexander Syrsky said

MOSCOW, March 2. /TASS/. Ukraine’s Commander-in-Chief Alexander Syrsky believes that brigade commanders are to blame for the problems of Ukrainian troops in the east and said that in some cases he is forced to make personnel decisions.

"Work continues on the eastern front. Within three days it became clear why, with the same level of personnel, weapons and military equipment, some brigades manage to deter attacks and hold positions, and others - not," Syrsky wrote on his Telegram channel. In his opinion, this depends first of all "on the brigade commander, his level of training, experience, ability to make appropriate and balanced decisions, and understanding of the full extent of responsibility for the fulfillment of the tasks assigned".

"I have sent groups of specialists to pass on experience and provide assistance to individual brigades where there are problems with the preparation of personnel. <...> In individual cases, when the commander does not control the situation and his actions and orders directly threaten the life and health of subordinates, I am forced to make personnel decisions," he said.

On February 29, the commander-in-chief made similar statements. He said that the situation in the Avdeyevka and Zaporozhye areas remained difficult for the Ukrainian military and that a number of commanders had miscalculated the situation.