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US, UK carry out strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen — Al Masirah TV channel

There have been no reports on possible deaths or damage

TASS, February 17. The US and UK armed forces have carried out a series of strikes on the territory of Yemen, which is controlled by Houthi rebels from the Ansar Allah movement, the Houthi-owned Al Masirah TV channel said.

According to the report, the coalition forces attacked Houthi facilities in Al Hudaydah, targeting an area of the Ras Isa port on the Red Sea. There have been no reports on possible deaths or damage.

Following the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the Gaza Strip, the Yemen-based Houthis said they would strike Israeli territory and prevent ships affiliated with that country from passing through the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait until the operation in the Palestinian enclave ended. The Houthis have attacked dozens of civilian ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden since mid-November.

Overnight on January 12, the armed forces of the United States and the United Kingdom delivered airstrikes on rebel-held positions in several Yemeni cities, using aircraft, warships and submarines.