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Haitian Foreign Minister advocates prompt dispatch of armed security mission

The Foreign Minister also refrained from stating the size of the mission

UNITED NATIONS, October 3. /TASS/. Haiti expects that the international security missions will arrive in the country as soon as possible, Haitian Foreign Minister Jean Victor Geneus told reporters after the UN Security Council meeting, which approved the sending of an armed mission to this country.

"We advocate it to happen as soon as possible," he said without naming any specific timeframe.

The Foreign Minister also refrained from stating the size of the mission. When asked if 1,000 personnel, as Kenya reportedly proposed, would be enough, the minister said: "We need as many as necessary to deal with the gangs."

He also refrained from specifying what weapons the mission will receive: "It must have an overwhelming might to stand against the gangs."

Previously, the UN Security Council approved the establishment of an international mission to facilitate security in Haiti. The mission is expected to be armed. Meanwhile, some parameters of its operation remain unclear.

The mission’s mandate is one year-long and could be extended for another year. Kenya will play the main role in manning the contingent. The US is expected to provide financial aid.