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US to conduct exercises in Alaska in May with aircraft carrier

This is the largest exercise this year, which is planned there

WASHINGTON, April 24. /TASS/. The US Armed Forces will hold military exercise Northern Edge 2021 in Alaska from May 3 to May 14, involving an aircraft carrier strike group, about 15,000 soldiers and officers, as well as approximately 240 different aircraft from all types of US Armed Forces, the US Air Force Pacific Command announced on Friday.

According to the statement, nuclear aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt and its escort ships will take part in the maneuvers, which will take place in the Gulf of Alaska, among other places. This is the largest exercise this year, which is planned in Alaska, the report said. The exercise is usually held every two years.

Press service of the Pentagon, the US Indo-Pacific Command, and the Pacific Command of the US Air Force on Friday did not answer questions from TASS about whether Washington had notified Moscow in advance of the plans for the exercises and whether the US side would maintain contact with Russia during them. The Indo-Pacific Command is responsible for the maneuvers.