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Number of people infected with coronavirus exceeds 100,000 globally

Over half of those infected - about 55,000 people - have recovered

MOSCOW, March 6. /TASS/. The total amount of people infected with the novel coronavirus in the world has surpassed 100,000, statistical data gathered by TASS on the outcomes of the statements made by officials from over 80 states with reported cases of coronavirus informs.

Over half of those infected - about 55,000 people - have recovered. They have been discharged from hospital. Nevertheless, there have been cases of repeated infection among those who recovered from the disease. The number of deaths has surpassed 3,400, which means that the current death rate is approximately 3.4%. However, it is difficult to estimate the exact death rate so far, as the spread of the virus has not stopped and those infected with the virus continue receiving treatment.

Over 80% of all coronavirus cases have been reported in China. According to recent data, 80,700 people have been infected with the virus in China. In total, 53,800 people in China have recovered from the disease (over 60% of those infected); while about 3,000 people succumbed to the disease (about 3.7% of all infected persons).

Outside of China, major outbreaks of coronavirus have been documented in South Korea (6,593 people infected, over 100 patients recovered, 42 deaths); Iran (4,747 people infected, over 500 patients recovered, 124 deaths); Italy (3,858 people infected, 414 recovered patients, 148 deaths); Japan (1,074 people infected, 248 recovered patients, 12 deaths).

Over 100 cases of coronavirus have been reported in eight additional states: Germany, France, Spain, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Belgium and Sweden.