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BRICS Games wrap up in Russia, athletes praise ‘friendly atmosphere’

Nearly 90 countries participated in the competition

MOSCOW, June 25. /TASS/. The last medals of the BRICS Games were drawn on Monday. The competitions took place in Moscow and Kazan.

The opening ceremony of the BRICS Games was held on June 12 in Kazan, where the main part of the competition took place. The Games were opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In his address, he expressed confidence that the Games would become a model of fair competition and equal opportunities.

The sports part began the day after the opening ceremony, and the first sets of medals were drawn the same day. The first winner of the BRICS Games was three-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming Svetlana Kolesnichenko, who won in the technical solo program. Maxim Chebotarev and Victoria Adamova won the Rock 'n' Roll acrobatic competition.

On June 13-22, Kazan hosted competitions in 25 sports: badminton, boxing, belt wrestling, canoeing, rowing, judo, karate, equestrian sports, koresh (a kind of belt wrestling), athletics, table tennis, swimming, diving, sambo, synchronized swimming, wrestling, artistic gymnastics, tennis, weightlifting, wushu, fencing, basketball (combining interactive and physical components), football, chess, and rhythmic gymnastics. On June 23-24, Moscow hosted breaking and acrobatic rock 'n' roll. A total of 387 sets of prizes were drawn.

On June 20, the Russian team prematurely won the team competition. In total, the Russians won 266 gold, 142 silver and 101 bronze medals. Second place went to Belarus (55 gold, 85 silver and 107 medals) and third to China (20 gold, 24 silver and 18 bronze medals). Nearly 90 countries participated in the competition, with athletes from 38 countries winning medals. Synchronized skater Alexander Maltsev and chess player Ekaterina Lagno won the most gold medals with four each.