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Artificial intelligence generates question to Putin regarding AI becoming president

The artificial neural network gpt-3 can even write journalist stories, Sberbank CEO Herman Gref told TASS

MOSCOW, December 29. /TASS/. The question to Russian President Vladimir Putin on whether artificial intelligence (AI) can become president has been generated by the gpt-3 artificial neural network (ANN), Sberbank CEO Herman Gref told TASS Tuesday.

The president was asked this question during the Artificial Intelligence Journey conference earlier in December.

"We used the gpt-3 ANN," Gref said. "Today, this is the most complex and advanced neural network in the world. For example, it can write journalist stories."

The CEO explained that the network can coherently analyze 'event' stories and describe them. Thus, the gpt-3 was tasked to formulate a question that would be equally interesting to both the people and the AI. The ANN proposed three different questions, marking one as a priority, which was chosen eventually.