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Twitter blocks account of positive project about Russia without explanation

Renowned politicians and officials were among the "Good News" subscribers

MOSCOW, November 25. /TASS/. Twitter blocked access to the account of the Russian project "Good News" ("Khoroshiye Novosti" in Russian), which spreads positive information, without providing any reasons, according to a statement made by the architects of the project published on other social media on Monday.

"Twitter suspended the operation of our project’s account without explanation. It is a precedent: an account was blocked in Russia for spreading good news," the creators said.

"We watched the newswire: it seems that before being blocked, we managed to report that the growth of industrial production in Russia had exceeded the figures for the US and other global powers by the end of the year and that the volume of new housing developments in Russia grew by 8.2%," the project's architects said.

They said, "the project was launched just several months ago, but it was only in October that Good News on Twitter was viewed more than 6 million times." The creators said, "Twitter’s support team did not even send an official notification on the reasons for the block and refuses to answer their inquiries." Still, they created a backup account on the site.

News about the main achievements of Russia's economy, science, culture and sports and social and other spheres are published under the "Good News" project. Renowned politicians and officials, including Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky and Roscosmos Director General Dmitry Rogozin, State Duma members and members of the Civic Chamber were among the "Good News" subscribers.