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Documents being signed by Kiev legally null and void — Putin

"It is clear that there is a political and propagandistic component involved," the Russian president said

MOSCOW, June 14. /TASS/. The documents that are now being signed by the Kiev authorities cannot have legal force, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the leadership of the Foreign Ministry.

"Ukraine in the first half of this year concluded a package of bilateral agreements on security cooperation and long-term support with a number of European states. Now there is also a similar document signed with the United States, but since May 21 of this year the question of the authority and legitimacy of representatives of the Ukrainian side who put their signatures to such documents has naturally arisen," Putin pointed out.

"We do not care. May they sign whatever they want. It is clear that there is a political and propagandistic component involved. The United States and its satellites somehow want to support their minions, to lend them weight and legitimacy," Putin added, emphasizing that if the Americans later conduct serious legal examination of such agreements, "the question will certainly arise: who signed these documents and what powers those people have and it will turn out that it is all a phony and the agreement is null and void and will fall apart."