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NATO’s supplies to Ukraine discredit world arms trade — Russian ambassador to Argentina

Dmitry Feoktistov warned that such an approach by NATO could become "a threat to global peace and security"

BUENOS AIRES, June 3. /TASS/. NATO countries are turning a blind eye on the risk of re-export of arms being supplied to Ukraine to terrorist groups and discrediting the global arms trade system, Russia’s ambassador to Argentina, Dmitry Feoktistov, said in an article published in the Perfil newspaper.

"It is indicative that by their actions the NATO handlers of the Kiev junta have completely discredited the world system of arms trade, created in previous years. For many years, they proactively sought the adoption of multilateral documents regulating arms trade. Now the United States and its NATO allies are deliberately turning a blind eye on Ukraine's war crimes and the risk of re-exporting weapons to terrorists. Double standards again," the diplomat wrote.

The ambassador warned that such an approach by NATO could become "a threat to global peace and security."

"The reason why members of the North Atlantic Alliance behave in such a cynical and criminal manner is obvious. Washington openly declares that its aim is to inflict strategic defeat on Russia with foreign hands without losing the lives of its own soldiers," Feoktistov stated. In his opinion, this approach also meets the needs of the US military-industrial complex, which is interested in prolonging the conflict to ensure multi-billion-dollar profits.

The ambassador also commented on the recent announcement of the Argentine authorities to apply for cooperation with NATO as a global partner.

"This fits in with the country's general line of rapprochement with the US and other Western states. Of course, it is up to Argentina to decide which international organizations to join and how to build its foreign policy as a whole. Russia sees the alliance's activities differently," Feoktistov stated.