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Ukrainian forces rigged dead bodies with explosives while withdrawing from Avdeyevka — DPR

The fighters noted that, judging by the way the rigging was done, the procedure had been done in a hurry

DONETSK, February 21. /TASS/. Ukrainian forces booby-trapped the bodies of their fellow fallen soldiers with explosives during their retreat from Avdeyevka, the DPR head’s advisor Igor Kimakovsky told TASS.

"Inspection and cleanup measures continue in Avdeyevka. Several hours ago, our assault units discovered several private households, where bodies of Ukrainian soldiers were found. During the inspection, it turned out that the bodies were rigged with explosives," Kimakovsky said.

According to the official, the rigged bodies were found along the road that Ukrainian forces used to withdraw from Avdeyevka.

Fighters of one assault team also told TASS about "traps" that were set up using the rigged dead bodies of Ukrainian soldiers. They noted that, judging by the way the rigging was done, the procedure was done in a hurry.

On February 19, commander of an engineering squad, call sign "Usman," reported that Ukrainian forces heavily mined Avdeyevka, using mostly Soviet-made weapons, but also NATO-made ones in some places. On February 20, Kimakovsky said that sappers had defused almost 400 landmines and tripwires in Avdeyevka.